Monday, May 21, 2012


We had not heard about the Vuvuzela [click on the Wiki link] until the Football World Cup that was held in South Africa in 2010. In the link you can hear a short audio clip of how it sounds [scroll to the bottom of that page]. The link has some interesting information about the Vuvuzela, its use, its misuse, its controversy regarding use by spectators at stadia etc.  Let me not go into that much.

I had cut up a half litre PET bottle for something and the top half had to be thrown.  Thrown?  NO!  This was at the same time during the FIFA World Cup and I was reading about the Vuvuzelas in newspapers.  *Idea*! 

Without me doing anything more, this piece of the bottle now became the vuvuzela!  It was created unintentionally as a 'waste by product' and before throwing, I tried 'vuvulelaing'.  It worked - more like a megaphone than the vuvuzela.  It has no real use at home and at best I may later use it as a funnel to pour something into some container!  But to satisfy myself in the 'heat of the FIFA moment' and to participate [silently] in the vuvuzela movement, I wrote on it with a marker pen 'vuvuzela'.  That was it. 

It reminded me of blowing of the conch shell. 

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