Friday, May 18, 2012

Kitchen knife holder

Storing the kitchen knives in our kitchen was a requirement that was asking for long. Storing them in a tall vessel was cumbersome.  So I decided to make my own holder that would go on the wall beside the wash basin. All I required was some wood and nails.  Wood pieces were available in my wood-junk area.  Flat 'beading' left over piece was available, just the perfect dimension, except the length which I cut down. I required another fat piece to go at the back to have some gap between wall and knife handle to enable easy pick-up and keep-back. I need not tell that this is a vegetarian knife holder!  Bread knife, vegetable knife, butter knife!

I made 3 small pieces from the flat beading and kept them as 'spacers'. I placed two at both ends and one in the centre.  So I had enough gap to insert the blade and the handle rested above. Hanging it like this also enables water to drip down after washing. To add value to the project, I simply drove in a few thin nails on the outside and spaced them to hang small scissors that are very handy to open plastic-wrapped packets etc. 

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