Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How all this started, the inspiration behind

Browsing one of the discussion threads on my favourite websites Dave's Garden, one day, the above photo, posted by one 'faywray' caught my attention.  I looked at it once, twice, thrice.... somehow I could not ignore this.  Without the permission from the poster of that photo, I copied it, only for my viewing on my PC.  I found everything in this frame so pleasingly beautiful, esp. the colour choice and design of that house, not to speak of the road curve. My attention then shifted to the greenery around, not to forget that this was in the gardening website.

That thread in that forum was longish where many ideas were shared by this 'faywray'.  Very soon, e-conversation began between this 'faywray' and me, almost automatically, because this person seemed to be doing what I would have done if I had been that person!  She had sent photos of how she made her patio in 8 hours, or wind chimes, or wood projects, or painting, or whatnot!  I used the word 'she' there!  In fact, I had come to know that this was one Mrs. Susan Moore, living half way round the Earth, but not in that house pictured there.  She was living there for some years but had shifted away.

Susan - in short, Sue, is an exponent in 'trash to treasure' projects and things like that. [Brilliant]Women doing things on their own like these on their own is something of a rarity, but she has a Bill [hubby] with her to assist!  I was once joking that Sue would bill Bill with her projects. I started using the word 'project' after we exchanged many mails!  Both of us had our own little projects to share!  My each work of creating something out of useless thing/s was named a 'project'.  Women are fighting for equality with men. But this Susan is not taking part, because she is already there!  She does most projects herself, with manpower from Bill, quite rightly too. Sue would sue Bill if Bill bills for the job assisted!  And there is a 'Will' to do as well.  [Their son!]

Susan once said she dislikes blogging, but had a blog.  http://faywray1.wordpress.com/  Aside from her great skills in almost whatever she does, the writing skills and the manner of expressing is also unique.

She has come up with her new blog 'Redo Redux'. [click on this] where she has started showing the projects.  Those who like recycling and 'repurposing' [this is a new word I learnt on Dave's Garden] things, her posts might be interesting. In fact, her new blog inspired me start my own, to show and document the 'crude little trash to treasure projects' that were done through me. Is it not better than saying 'I did'?  When Sue suggested about a blog, I thought this is a better idea than just posting their photos in a web album [see]. So here comes 'my blog' where I'd put down each one separately about how I went about it.  I hope this will not become a 'junk blog'!

A title was needed. There was not much thought flow, except 2-3.  Redo Redux was at the back of the mind somewhat like a guide.  Instinctively, went for 'Junk Unjunk' and did not want to change, feeling like Steve Jobs.  See how the 'bitten apple' stayed!  After I got the blog address for this, I realized that this is similar to 'lock, unlock', or 'do, undo'........

Thank you Susan.  This post is dedicated to you. I can now try to start documenting.  Of course, not in the organized way you do.  I do not have many 'before' shots to show. The camera only came to me only as recent as 2007, but began to realize the importance of step-by-step presentation much later.

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  1. Oh, Dinu! I feel honored; I really do! Ah, but I hasten to add that you have it backwards: It is you who has inspired me! But other than that faulty premise for your new blog, I am enthralled already by it! Keep writing. I wait with bated breath for your next blog post....
    PS: I love the title of the blog. Junk Unjunk! It's a good thing I didn't think of that first, youse!!!!


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