Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tennis racquet handles for chair

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Out of the four tennis racquets which were used by my grandfather in his prime [pre-1950], two were in very poor shape having weak 'necks' and had become excellent scraps!  When I started playing tennis in 1984, I had thought of using one of the other two in better shape, but none was good enough at all. There was no point in keeping the two really bad ones anymore. So I had separated the handles from the heads by cutting at the necks. The two handles were good and strong. They had gone to the scrap-wood box.  

Around 1990, I had taken up clearing up scrap wood that had accumulated. Some odds and ends were chosen when I took up this little project of making a small chair from such materials. The tennis racquet handles were just right for the front legs!  See carefully in the picture above. The curved back rest was from an old broken chair.  The seat is made of two pieces of plywood from some parcel box. It measures just about 20 inches to the top of the back rest. Kid chair! 

This became one of my favourite furniture.  The children loved it. It became a study chair for them for some years - with a folded bed linen for a pillow on it.  It can take a lot of weight and is quite sturdy.  I have used only glue [Fevicol] and screws. 

It is a very handy furniture even for reaching the fan for cleaning or replacing tubes or bulbs.  It is suitable as a 'step-up' stool, in the absence of a proper ladder!  It is a circus scene when I kept 4, one above the other to do some work with the lights!  Took a sample scene for this post.