Monday, May 14, 2012

Utility of refill cartons of beverages

The last thing that comes to mind is throwing away a thing.  Certain people have this urge to recycle, re-purpose or reuse many things.  In America 'yard sale'/'garage sale' is common.  That way, things get to be reused.  In our country it is a different scenario.  We find all kinds of 'repairmen'.  Even junk is exchanged in some places, which I came to know while browsing something else:  It's an interesting website encouraging junk exchange!

My desk is awfully messy in this picture.  We clean the computer desktops but postpone clearing up our wooden desktops!  It was organized many days after that photo.  At the back, on the shelf, beneath that red object, you notice some openings.  Those are the cartons I have placed there side by side to accommodate and separate little things that fit in to them.  I can call them 'mini-organizers'. Cards, calculator, letters, boxes and whatnot can be kept in these little open shelves.  They can also be kept horizontally, if the need suits. 

They are very easy to make.  First of all, the new carton must be opened carefully while emptying the original content.  The undamaged carton's top flaps must be folded inwards and stapled so that they stay stuck with the box. Since I have kept half a dozen of them, I've put across a tape on all of them so that they wont dance! 

I've also made use of toothpaste cartons for other things in similar fashion.  Smaller cartons will hold buttons, pins and other smaller items.  I keep my watch in a small cut up carton in the little draw you see there attached to the desk [the draw itself is another story for another post!].

The advantage of these things are it costs nothing. If you don't need them, just dispose them properly, or better, if you have a hot water boiler [firewood], burn them.  Fun to make, easy to use, light weight, high utility value and you can keep them anywhere that is suitable - customized.   You can also cut it down to the size you need.

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