Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Badminton racket duster

What do most people do when a badminton racket breaks? Discard.  But here, no!  There is still some use for it, if not playing badminton. The one in the picture is an old racket made of wood. I have made one of aluminum handle that has snapped similarly.  I think all these rackets snap at the neck, on most occasions. Since this was of wood, I sawed off the 'head'. The handle serves as a fine grip too.  Just tie a square piece of cloth of comfortable size and tie its centre to the broken part of the racket.  Some nice sanding may be necessary to prevent the cloth from wearing off quickly on use. It is light in weight and very handy. I think all houses must have one 'handle duster'. My friend's father Mr.Nikam, who owned a handicraft shop called it as 'Jataknee' and this was an inseparable part of their business paraphernalia.  So it is in almost all shops in the market place as dust is an inseparable part of daily life.  Once I made one and I realized how useful and handy this can be and IS, even at home.  I have since kept one in each room, if not of a badminton handle, but a suitable stick would suffice.  Making the groove to tie the cloth is crucial because when at work, it moves at  high speed. If the tying is loose, the cloth separates and flies off from the handle. 

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