Monday, May 14, 2012

Powder box lampshade

The lamp itself is interesting. This is a vintage stand left behind by the old tenant who was an optician and had his clinic in our room. It has an adjustable stand. It can be tilted to any angle we desire as you can see there.  It is fixed to the wall.  The lamp now hangs on my work desk at home.  The desk is very messy and luckily it is out of the frame!  :)

Before I write anything, you must have already observed what I wanted to show, right?  You have read the title of this blog.  The old lampshade was the traditional one hanging type, like a cup.  It was suitable for incandescent bulbs and I was using it before.  When we shifted to CFLs, the vertical hanging does not suit as a table lamp.  The CFL with its long tubes has to be horizontal to get most light on the place we want. In fact, I have even turned the bulb holders pointing at a downward angle, upwards to fit and get most light from CFLs.  

This CFL table lamp now needed a shade to avoid the glare to the eye. I had this empty Johnson's Baby Powder box lying around.  Its length perfectly suited the bulb size. Look at it glow here!

I cut up one side to allow light, and a nice round hole at its bottom to fit it to the bulb holder.  I ensured that the plastic box will not touch the tube as it gets hot after some minutes of use. So it was safe. 

Under this, I can do precision work like removing tiny screws from watches for replacing batteries or even watch repair, remove tiny splinters that may sometimes get into the fingers and so on.  I am really enjoying this lampshade.  When it is not in use, I tilt it towards the wall and it does not come in the way.

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