Saturday, December 28, 2013

Space-saver Shoe-rack

There was always a need for a proper place to store my several pairs of sport shoes.  It had to be in the veranda. Visiting gave me some clues, but I adapted my own when I did.  It was directly connected with the available 'junk'.

I needed two long 1x3 pieces of wood, 69 inches long, lots of patience and a large bagful of time.  And something to make the racks.  I got them all today.  

I looked for wooden beading pieces for the racks but there were not many.  So wrote it off.  Then a Eureka moment.  Two ten-feet lengths of aluminium double channels which I did not need were posing problems of storage as they were rendered useless.  These were the one that would suit.  

That is the place I wanted to have the rack.  The boxes are removed for this picture - for pre-cleaning. 

I cut the channels as per planned measurements and folded the pieces at two places.  These would serve as racks.  This was a better way of 'getting rid of them' as taking to the shop for refund or exchange was not feasible - due to its 10-feet.   They had come with other materials in a goods vehicle last year but only two other channels were of use and these two were left overs. 

Wok in progress.  The racks are being nailed to the wood.  I gave a slight slant backwards so that when the shoe box is kept, it would stay in place properly.

Rack in place. I secured the rack to the mesh behind it with wires. 

There, that is my space saver shoe rack.

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  1. '....available junk...' That says it all! I'm glad you saved the pic of the finished rack till the last part of the blog entry; this kept my mind abuzz with thoughts like 'Now, how is he going to use this as a rack?' What fun. Thanks for another wonderful project/story, Dinu!


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