Sunday, December 22, 2013

Clothes hanger from TV antenna

In the 1980s, TV antenna in Mysore was a huge thing erected on top of the house.  It was long, wide and with 7 'elements' [directors] and one reflector.  Later when the TV transmission frequencies were changed, everyone who had to replace them with new and smaller antennas.  The aluminum pipes of the old one had only to be sold as junk.  Not me.  

Notice the smaller antenna on our house.  The old one was 5 to 6 times bigger!  Imagine the giant!

I had seen an indoor clothes hanger some time before, may be in Bombay [Mumbai].  Since our old antenna had long 'elements' this was suitable for making a clothes hanger and there was a need for one to hang dry the smaller clothes/garments indoors, esp. on wet rainy days.  I think this was in the early 90s when I made this. I have used all the nuts, bolts and clamps from the antenna. 

Observe the square tubes - two vertical and one horizontal forming the main 'frame'. Add the length of these three and gauge the length of the old antenna.   The longest 'element' [smaller round tube] in the set of seven stretched 8 feet across!  That was how big it was!  This was a common sight on houses that had TV!

This has been of great utility all these years. 

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  1. Ingenius! But then I expect no less from you, Dinu! I used to use a drying rack but it wasn't a work of art like yours is!


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