Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scale cum cutter from broken parts

In the late 90s, computers had arrived in offices, including ours.  One computer monitor [tube type] had a narrow door for operating its controls.  It swung open on two slender pivots.  After some wear and tear, this fibre door had come off.  It was like a ruler. So I thought of making use of it as a ruler.  A computer part came packed with something later.  I was looking through some boxes.  There was an unusual object, orange coloured with nice smooth edges. The boxes were kept for disposal.  A 100 Watt bulb lighted up in the mind.  I picked it up.

I had somewhere, probably in some engineer's office, seen a gripping handle for a scale.  What a beautiful idea I had thought, so much easier to lift and move the flat object from paper.  This orange coloured object perfectly suited as a handle for the scale.  I stuck it to the fibre scale using strong adhesive [Araldite].

This also serves me as a tearing blade as one edge had a slight taper, much to my liking.  This enables me to press-hold the paper and tear the other portion neatly.  I clearly marked the ruler in inches which is very handy.  It is 10.5 inches.

 Just for kicks, I wrote my name in dots in the groovy pattern on the other side of the scale.  This can also be displayed, the new 'grip handle' serves as a stand!  I did this part just by instinct and with no real purpose as I do not display the name!

This is yet another of my satisfying little projects.  I still use it while it also serves as a paper weight. 

This special scale has become an indispensable tool on my work desk and one of my favourites.

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  1. I love it! Love it, love it. I need one of those! That glue must be mighty strong. I wish I knew what the equivalent of that glue would be here in the US! Putting your name on the back of it? Another stroke of genius for sure!


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