Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recycling old broken pots

The neighbour has many big clay pots, many are in their balcony garden.  They had discarded a couple of cracked and broken pots outside their house.  They looked strong enough and their bottom quarter were still in tact.  Why not I use that as shallow pots?  I brought them in with the help of cousin Subbu and while they were being carried, I felt the weight! They appeared old, good and strong.

In this picture, I had already worked on one, by breaking away the damaged portion carefully. 

Trimmed the second one too.  Where I worked and the tools I used are visible.

In a short while, two sturdy shallow pots were ready. They can be used either for growing the smaller rain lilies or for starting seeds. I further trimmed the broken pieces which will be useful for covering the drain holes in the pot, before filling with soil. I have already reused smaller broken pots into rain lily holders.

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