Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Garden Tools cum Junk Shed Project

Our house underwent a drastic alteration due to division of property, in 2009. With that, my garden also had to change from the other half to this half.  I had settled down a bit with this.  I was keeping all my garden tools in the corners where it was not as convenient as one desired.  In 2010, the old dilapidated tiled room was dismantled to make a new house. In that old structure, I was also dumped several items suitable for reuse and some had no use. It was inevitable to make further alterations in the yard.  Now there was no place to keep those items. I needed a sheltered place and one room for keeping the garden tools with door and lock to avoid the cluttered items in corners.

I planned the location of the shed, which was in a corner.  See picture below, observe the area on the bottom left. The main skeleton of the tile roof shed is ready. For my tool shed, there came the two asbestos sheets [leaning against the house in picture]

Roof tiles in place and asbestos roof for my small shed are in place. Picture taken from the top balcony of the new house. 

This is the corner.  It faces our 'backdoor'. 

I painted the wall after I laying the floor using a heavy and broken Kadapa slab which was not suitable anywhere else.  The smaller slabs covered the area.  

Built a moat wall to hoist the large window with mesh removed from the dilapidated room. I had measured this and embedded the pole [green pipe] as per that plan. I placed it on the moat wall and fastened on two sides.

View from the other side.

Built another moat wall.   

That area was just right for the mesh door that I had removed form the house we had vacated during partition. In the picture below, I have removed it from the shelf and leaned it against the wall on the right. Removed because that house was to be broken down by the new owner. 

There it is, all fixed. 

As I wanted, lock. 

The wooden boxes would hold some garden tools and things. 

Door is now open for viewing. 

It is small but serves my purpose of keeping the tools in one place and there is no clutter inside the house. It is accessible in the garden. 


  1. OK. That does it. I've restrained myself long enough: I am coming to India to get those old wooden boxes! We could maybe make a trade?!

  2. Dinu!
    YOU ARE A PRACTICAL ENGINEER, MASON, CARPENTER, PAINTER, GARDENER AND MANY MORE ARTISANS & TRADESMEN ROLLED IN ONE! You must have deprived so many 'off' their jobs! And, you are doing a lot of eco-friendly activities......MAY YOUR TRIBE INCREASE!


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