Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A hand trowel for gardening

There was an old pair of hedge-pruning scissors which I tried to use in my early gardening days when I had no proper tools.  I used to try and cut small twigs with it and it was not in good condition.  It must have been from the 1930s.  We had no hedge, at least in my time. This huge pair of scissors was junk for a few decades, now one of the two cutting parts was minus - it had broken.  It was time to unjunk.  One handle of wood was good and just fine for attaching something.  There was a rusty mason's trowel, quite a wide one, which a mason had left behind because it had got separated from its rivets.  


I took them to my friend Ramu to join the two together.  He did it simply by making two holes to the flat portion of the scissor handle [see picture] to match the two holes on the trowel and drove two screws in them.  Lo, a crude trowel.was ready!  It is a very handy tool to lift soil. I bent the trowel slightly on the sides to keep the picked up soil in place. 

Right behind the trowel is a Charaka [spinning wheel]. 

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