Thursday, March 13, 2014

A little shaving mirror

There were quite a few mirrors at home.  Yet, I got kicks from creating one of my own, when my shaving years had arrived. I did not want to remove the vintage mirrors from their places for my beard shaving programme, each time. So I wanted one to be in place and it needed to be a compact one, which I hung from a hook fixed to the window frame.  

I had a rusty stand from a cheap mirror that had obviously broken. I had a rectangular piece of unwanted rosewood that suited the size of a possible mirror.  As soon as a decision was taken to make a new mirror out of these, I went to a glass cutting shop and got the mirror from a waste piece paying a penny [in Mysore, kaasu!].  I had taken the wood for size.  How to fix the mirror to the wood?  My Mecannos toy set had its small accessories. I picked up four 'Ls'. Screws of suitable size were with me.  It did not take long to create a mirror stand that can be hung from a hook or kept at any angle resting on the adjustable stand. 

Here it is:

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  1. It might have been easy for you to make the mirror stand for the back of this, but I would have puzzled over that for weeks!


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