Thursday, February 7, 2013

Utility Tools for One Rupee!

I did not make this, but decided to include in the blog because it is made of scrap metal converted to utility items.  Some great mind has seen its further use and in the bargain, they are making a living, even if it was just hand to mouth.

I remember to have bought this in Bangalore more than 20 years ago when I was returning to the Bus Station with my elderly friend Srinivasa Rao after we had watched a Cricket Match at the Statium.  We were to return to Mysore by bus and were on foot to reach the bus station.  We were crossing a vast expanse of park where a nomad selling these came across our path and showed his ware.  The little boy was having tens of these in a bunch, hung on his shoulder.  His parents might have fabricated them and it seemed to be their living.  Its price was One Rupee and made of brass!  A mere one rupee, even in the mid eighties. Without thinking twice, I bought one.  It had come to me on its own!  And there was a need for such a tool.

The longest of this tool set measures 2 inches, which is meant for picking ear wax.  The centre sharp one is useful to clean the nails and other things.  The little tweezer is useful to remove any thorns or splinters that could embed in our skin. What handiness

I have used all those tools countless number of times and I will be using it thousands of times, for what it is meant and its value is a thousand times more than a mere one rupee it had costed me!  One of my favourite bunch of tools that has to be always found hanging near my desk!  The best is of course the ear wax spoon!  It's a wonderful feeling to lightly scrape the inside of the ear with it and with it finds the wax, it gives goose bumps!  :)  Better than 'ear buds'. But I can say the brass spoon is best suited for dry ear wax. 


  1. Useful tools yes. This ear cleaning tool is worth it, it does prevent wax build up!


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