Friday, February 22, 2013

Potter Wasp Nest Vase!

In an old shelf behind some bottles we had not used for sometime, I found this wasp nest with some ten holes.  A potter wasp had found a nice place for nesting!  When I found out, the nest had served its purpose and it was empty.  So I carefully removed it for examining. 
The shelf was out of doors in a passage and insects like the wasp had access.  I had kept the nest on my desk and at the same time, I had found 2 or 3 parrot feathers that had fallen below a tree at my workplace scooter shelters. I had brought the feathers home and found the holes of this 'work of clay' a nice place to keep them.  When there was a light breeze the feathers would sway and it was an enjoyable sight.  In about 15-18 months, I had found more feathers and you can see them all here, the holes filled up and made a nice vase!! 

The nest was something like this. Pictured on the left is a different nest.

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