Sunday, February 3, 2013

A paper-weight of wood and glass

A perfume bottle stopper made of glass had been orphaned as its bottle had broken.  It was in the vintage perfume box, kept aside.  There was another loose wooden object, among the many items in the Dasara Dolls box that we used to remove from the attic for display annually for the festival and keep back after the ten-day event.  This beautifully carved wooden object had a hole at the top and from that I could make out that it was the top portion of some 'mantap'.  I thought I must make something out of this beautiful item.

I had recorded 'Idea, June 1984' under it!  Now that orphan stopper just fitted to the hole on this and it became a desktop paper-weight!  And as I had guessed, it is of Sandalwood.

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