Saturday, February 23, 2013

I made a book holder

When I was visiting a friend, I saw a something on the table that I had not seen before.  It was of steel.  He showed me what it was when I asked.  Immediately, I thought it was one project I could do.  I thought I needed one for my use. So I borrowed it for making one like it, as a model.  Then I went in search of the required materials at the marketplace.  There are only two items in it.  One is the stiff steel wire and the other was a flat sheet of metal.

I found both items in one shop which sold that.  For the flat sheet, I bought some copper. I was ready to do. Accurately bending the very stiff and tough steel wire was a real challenge, given my limited tools. I did not use the little vice I had. The wire was thin, but very stubborn. Finally I could do it reasonably well.  I cut out the copper sheet for making the hinges. Luckily I had a cutter, which was actually a garden pruner my friend from Singapore had gifted me!  I also embossed 'D' on the sheet after fixing it using a key-ring with the 'D'!

In the collage above, you can see the book holder in all its positions.  I enjoyed doing this project and I used the holder on some occasions before the internet arrived!! I returned the borrowed steel holder to my friend and later showed my copy.  It won his appreciation and I cherished that!

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