Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Plastic can into dust pan!

After painters used up cans of thinner, I tried this idea of making the cans into dust pans.  Some months ago I had seen a similar idea on www.pinterest.com, a website which has already become popular now.  This is what I had seen.

There are a couple of other unwanted bigger plastic cans I may cut up like this some day.  But this one is an experimental sample! The cans are of poor quality.  This is what I made.

Even the other portion would serve the same purpose. The entire work took hardly ten minutes.  Usually, the empty cans are disposed of in the trash, which are picked up by the rag-pickers who earn a small sum out of such things.  Finally they go up into recycling cheap plastic, again. They are made from such plastic, particularly this one. 

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  1. Your junk(ie!) posts are always very interesting, Dinu! I love these posts!
    How will you use your NEW scoops????


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