Thursday, September 5, 2013

Table from a chair!

Our neighbour was discarding many old materials many years ago to get rid of unwanted stuff from their attic. Among a few other kitchen items we also got for free, we took a set of teak wood legs that formed the frame of some sort of a relaxation chair. I don't know how the chair would have looked like with its canvas seat and back rest which seemed to hang on cylindrical pieces across. I am not too sure about arm rests and the angle it provided for the back. It must have been like a box with one side open! But the four legs and a couple of those cylindrical pieces were handy, just fine to make a small desk.

Later when the computer came to our house, there was no proper table to keep it.  I was using a small desk for this purpose but it cried for more space.  

I had by then two long planks of wood available. I thought this was the best dimension for a table that would also fit in a place in the room too.  Long pieces of wood, removed from another bookshelf when it was reshaped was available. I thought of the four legs from the 'Gopinath Chair' [name of the person who used it] at this stage and they seemed the proper height.  Materials ready, idea in place, work started. 

There was no need for screws but just nails were sufficient to join the parts because of its temporariness and a fixed place. Within two hours, the table frame was in its chosen place. Two planks formed the table top.  No fixing.  Just kept in place. I did not use the saw at all. All pieces of wood were just the right size. The cylindrical pieces went into their old slots already there. Voila! 

Perfect!  I kept leg/knee space free for sitting close to the desk on our chair and even stretch the legs comfortably.  A footstool was made from legs and a bottom plank I cut to shorten the height of a rosewood teapoy.  Very comfortable.  The chair is ready made and so not featured here. The table was made 5 years ago.  It has been so useful till date.  

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