Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tennis Racket Vibe Absorber

I had switched over to the composite graphite racket [also racquet] from the olden days' wood racket.  Graphite rackets are tightly strung and while the ball is struck, it produces a vibration like a string instrument!  It is in a way disconcerting and hence not desired by players.  To absorb this vibration, a rubber piece is attached off the centre of  the strings.  They were available in sports shops. But why I not experiment by making one myself?  I had in the junk box some rubber stoppers of old injection bottles.  I stuck them after cutting the portions that fitted the neck of the bottles, leaving just enough relief so that it takes the string in the groove formed - see picture above.  It worked fine but I bought a ready made from the sports store later. The green one above is this while the one I made is on the right. Both work well. 

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