Monday, March 11, 2013

SMPS fan reused

My computer CPU was not working.  The service engineer was called.  He diagnosed that the "SMPS unit" had gone out of order and said that it had to be replaced with a new one.

After he replaced a new unit the old one added to the 'junk'.  There was this fan in the unit.  Removed the screws to take it out.  Discovered that the fan ran on 12v DC, from the sticker label.  There was an adapter [used for a  radio] with output voltage option and 12v was possible. I connected the wires to the molded jacks with proper polarity and switched it on.  Lo, it worked.
Now this is serving as a tiny fan beside my computer.  I can turn it in any direction I want. Summer is already here now as I post this and this is going to be a 'cool' thing!  The fan was not junked, but the circuit in it had gone bad, hence it was discarded away.

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  1. Well! I'm certainly glad you explained what that dangling things, else I would not have figured it out! Does it give off much air? What a grand idea, Edison!


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