Thursday, October 18, 2012

Telescope I had made

That post is related to watching Halley's Comet.  So I will be brief here.

Junked flaslight cabinets.

A table lamp stand and the holder is from another broken table lamp.

Toy lenses.  The smaller one is of a 'view master'.

Toy binocular eye pieces for my requirement. I had combined 3-4 and that increased the magnification power.  Accurate focusing was possible with the body of the telescope.  I could slide it in or out as the cylinders were correct fits! 

I had taken a photograph also through it from my old house, of the very distant Palace atop Chamumdi Hill using a film camera by holding it in front of the eyepiece.  The view of that Palace was clearly visible just above the top of the house behind our house.  There were no tall houses or trees obstructing view.  It was an experiment I did, may be in 1978.  The image through my telescope was actually sharper than the picture my camera captured.  

This is the one. 

Below is the zoomed view [from my digital camera] of the hill from our present house.  From my telescope, I could spot people walking near the Nandi Bull [marked near the white building].  You can imagine the power!  I had once taken my telescope to the hill to view my house, but was unsuccessful.  I could not locate our house roof top. 

I dismantled it when my dream of having a Binocular came to fruition. It was a Tasco which could bring objects 7 times closer.

The telescope was great fun!

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