Thursday, October 25, 2012

Magnetic Smiley

The Smiley has been around in print for many years now but the electronic 'keyboard smiley' :) celebrated its 30th anniversary in September 2012.  The old print smiley used to appear in comic books and has been used as adhesive sticker on car bumpers and at other places. I grew so fond of this simple and effective representation of the smile and happiness that I used to paint a little smiley using sketch pens whenever I wrote letters to my friends. Little smiley stickers were available for that purpose.

One day I thought of displaying a larger smiley in our verandah, along with my two other water colour paintings.  I used a 3-inch wide bottle lid and stuck my smiley water colour art on it.  When it was hung, it looked nice.  Later when a steel almirah was bought, I had also found a magnetic rubber strip.  I made a new painting on a new lid and I stuck this new find to the lid's back. Lo and behold!  I had a 'magnetic smiley'!  This scores over the self-adhesive sticker because of its 'messless', removable quality.  It is another way of 'repurposing' unwanted lids.

 Nivea cream lid and a jam jar lid. See the date I made.

With the advent of the internet, the word 'Emoticons' came into being, with many expressions of the face.

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  1. Those smileys are too cute for words, Dinu!!!! You are truly an inspiration....


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